Monoduct Single Configuration

Monoduct block has 9 different types, respectively; Ø50mm - Ø63mm - Ø75mm - Ø90mm - Ø110mm - Ø125mm - Ø140mm - Ø160mm - Ø200mm diameter pipes with limitless configuration is a patented product.

Monoduct Separating Elements

The distance between pipes, which is normally 50mm, may vary depending on the projects. Because of this, the distance can be changed by Monoduct separating elements. There are 7 different kinds of separators available, respectively;

Assembly Style

The limitless configurations of the pipe diameter and distance can be available upon the project requirements.

Monoduct It helps reduce waste and increase our efficiency.

Polypropylene (PP) is a recyclable material obtained by recycling plastic waste.