About Us

Also, as an organization founded in 1985, with knowledge, skills and experiences from working job sites of world’s leading construction firms and being able to convey our products to every corner of our country and several countries worldwide.

We are grateful to all of you. In awareness that we have large and continuous services which would only be made possible by our team well-versed in knowledge and skills based on modern technology, within the frame of DIN, ISO 9001 and TSEK Standards and Norms.

In order to reply rapid developments in industry, railway, tunnel and construction sectors, we possess broadly equipped dynamic and technical departments. We can manufacture all types of plastic extrusion and injection products in conformity with requested technical requirements, specifications and characteristics.

Our Principle

We will improve continously our production processes, products and services with our Total Quality Management Approach, and the every work we do will be perfect like we do first time.

We will gain our customers appriciation with our products and thier service quality after sale. By going with the priciple that our customer is our value, we will produce products without failed by using all required technology in order to ensure the customer satisfaction in maximum level. Our work is to satisfy our customers by producing product and service that are exceeding expectations of our customers in the country and international countries.

Our Mission

With our all crews , customer focused approach, and social responsibility, it is to ensure the service of institutions and organization environmentally friendly, innovative and technologic construction materials for person and people’s benefits in high quality, durability and safety for all kinf structures in the country and out of the country.

Our Vision

It is to continue the leadership that is gained in Turkey and is to take place in most brand companies in the world.


Our company has production capacity of 600 tons per month with plastic injection machines and extruder lines in capacities ranging from 80 to 900 tons in 25.000 m2 area.


Quality continuity is ensured by our fully equipped laboratories and our experienced staffs.

Our Brands

Gurbetçiler Plastic it serves different sectors with over 10 brands in its market.

Our principle is high quality, convenient price, reliability, serious service and customer satisfaction.